International Update

Concerning international travel, I wanted to give an update about one of the needs we have going on right now. Over the past years of traveling to Central America one of the largest expenses has surrounded a transportation and a vehicle. Literally every year nearly 50 to 60% of our missions budget goes toward this and we have been shown a way to bring the cost down considerably. 


Owning a vehicle negates the need for the special insurance required by the government for foreigners. Buying a vehicle and putting it under the name of another full time missionaries ministry bypasses the excessive insurance rates by Central America. Owning vehicles also  gives me liberty to cross over country borders without switching vehicles which was required in the past. We have prayed much about the decision and have peace that this is the direction the Lord would have us to go. The vehicle pictured cost (including taxes and registration) is $6000 dollars. We have a relationship with previous owners and have complete confidence the vehicle will be suitable and reliable for our needs. Please pray with us about this truck and also to our supporting churches, we also ask you to consider assisting in the purchase of this vehicle. We have told the owner, please hold it for us by faith, praying and seeking that God will use whatever necessary to provide.