international evangelism

May Update

The dates are set!! Lord willing the Burden family will be at the Rio Grande Bible Institute starting January 7th - May 17th 2017. Lord willingthis will begin to equip us to learn the Spanish Langue to be able to have more of impact during our International Evangelistic Trips. We will continue to have a normal schedule as an evangelist right until January and will continue to have a normal schedule beginning June 2017. 



This is a huge step of faith for our family as we step away from revivals and other meetings to further sharpen our sword in the ministry of evangelism. We are encouraged by the support that has been given to us for those specific 5 months. It’s not difficult to figure out since we are without meetings that we are without our normal income, but the 12k that we are raising to sustain our family during that time, is coming in faster than we imagined. We stand about 6 months away from the start of language school and we are around 5k of the 12k needed, thats almost half way!


Our monthly ministry support goes towards our international travel expenses. When the Lord laid on our heart to raise support to do such a thing, I foresaw skepticism, but we have been encouraged by the embracing of the ministry of international evangelism. We stand at 74% of needed support to spend 3 months of our calendar year overseas. We want to go preach for missionaries overseas without them having to spend one penny on ANY of our expenses or needs, but rather leave them an offering or some financial token of our love and appreciation for them. We are amazingly close and thank God for that.


Currently we just finished a string of 4 consecutive revivals that were “dynamite” and now we are on the brink of summer full of VBS’s, Camps, and Youth Conferences. Thanks for all who pray and support and Lord willing you will continue to see your investment turn into eternal fruit.

The Summer in Review

Summer as always proves to be the busiest time of year, when you add the dynamic of having a child in the middle of it, it definitely adds a whole new dynamic. God blessed with many opportunities of teen camps. I was able to ministers from groups from Chicago to Kansas to New Jersey and much in between. Many decisions were made including many teenagers hearing and responding to the Gospel. People that have been prayed for for a long time have been saved, what a joy to be part of that.  During the summer I was able to do another VBS with one my best friends Evangelist David Corn and his family. We were able to spend a couple of down days together as well watch God do a work as we ministered together at my home church in Edenton, NC. Its so good to see him be so mightily used of God.

Our family with Evangelist David Corn and his family

Our family with Evangelist David Corn and his family

Now as we enter into fall time of year the Lord has blessed with the opportunity to be in Missions Conferences. We have enjoyed sharing the work of what he has called us to do, and we have been happy to see the response of people understanding the need of the evangelist overseas. Please pray for us as we try to convey the burden to other churches that we might get our support raised and head to language school. If you are curious about what the Lord has called us to do, please view our video at the MISSIONS link of our website.