Truck/Trailer News


Though communication has been somewhat silent, the last month has been incredibly eventful in relation to our truck and trailer. A couple of weeks ago our family was trying to climb a hill and literally got stuck with wheels spinning and heading back down the VERY steep hill. Frozen at the wheel, I had every brake engaged and literally could not move without the truck and trailer rolling back down the hill into a ditch along the side of the road. My poor wife had to be the one who had to chock the wheels so I could at least release the brakes enough for my leg not to remain strained on the brake. 

To shorten the story, God used a guy to help us get out of the terrible predicament. Somewhat before and since then unfortunately our truck has had some issues, including possible transmission trouble. We are having a very hard time diagnosing whats going on with the truck because it only fires codes when under a load or under a very specific strain. For now we have just switched out vehicles and praying that we can get it sorted out soon. 

Thankfully our trailer was able to be picked up by my father in law who parked it in Wilson, NC at Tabernacle Baptist. They have agreed to let us use their RV hookup till we can get it back home. 

Please pray that after we finish up our fall schedule that we will know what we need to do concerning the transportation of our trailer and the repairing of our truck. We are not in a huge hurry since Lord willing we will be living in Nicaragua soon however it would be wonderful to know its ready to go when we get back to the states.

Just an update, and thanks for all those who regularly pray for our family.